5 Days but who’s counting!

If you can’t read it, here’s what it says: We did it! After all this talk since July 4 10 Mile Diet will start. Yahoo! Here’s the first box of veggies and stuff. We can tweak the amount (more or less) as the weeks progress. This should give you a good start. Some things like 3 turnips and overgrown green beans i threw in hoping you could put to use. Comments and suggestions will be

Hand made butter and cheese

Wealth on a 10-mile diet turns out to be butter and cheese. We all need fat. In our food, not on our bodies. The butter I made myself (well, the cow made the fat, but I processed it) and the cheese was made by my neighbor’s daughter from this morning’s goat milking. They said all you had to do is put real cream (not pasteurized) into a jar and shake it and an upper body

Relational eating

As I chopped my veggies and meat for lunch, I thought we could call this 10 miles diet “relational eating”. I know everyone who raised this food. I even “know” so to speak the little sisters of the beef I’m eating. I’ve looked them in the eye and the family that raises them. I cut the london broil in thin slices and sauted it in olive oil, garlic and basic. 16 ounces package weight ended

10-mile dieter (moi) at a 100-mile diet potluck

Oh, less than 24 hours in and I was sooooo tempted to cheat at the Transition Whidbey potluck on local eating. Everyone tried for local dishes but most would get an E for effort in my 10-mile world. Maybe that squash was local but the mozzarella certainly The wasn’t. The zucchini chocolate cake (drool) was made with homegrown zukes, but the chocolate sure wasn’t from anyone’s backyard on this continent. So I ended up eating…

Morning Tea on a 10-Mile Diet

When I got home late last night, Tricia had put my first food in my fridge. Talk about service. And a loving note on my counter. I woke full of curiosty. How will this go? The first challenge out of the gate: milk for tea. I haven’t set up my weekly half gallon from my local cow yet. I don’t expect Tricia-like deliveries. I do need go right to the source, so to speak. This

For richer and poorer – new stats on the wealth gap

A story on NPR this morning on the growing gap between the wealthy and the rest of us in the United States, equaled only by the gap in the 1920’s. The 400 people onĀ Forbes magazine’s list of the richest Americans saw their combined net worth climb 8 percent this year. The good news for the wealthy comes as the poverty rate has reached a 15-year high and unemployment remains stuck near 10 percent. “They” say

10-mile diet minus 2 hours

Today has felt a bit like being on a conveyor belt heading off a cliff. Or like a prisoner eating her last meal. Despite how prepared I am for my 10-mile diet experiment, i’ve found myself scarfing what by midnight will be untouchables until October 1. To wit: soft ice cream cone soup with about 20 ingredients (billed as organic but where did that oregano grow?) one of those greasy roast chickens from the supermarket

Is my fridge local?

What to do with what I have in my fridge. I’m not buying new food and eating through what is there, but do I toss, give away or just eat the few things remaining: celery, red pepper, 2 oranges, an avocado, milk, etc. Some can be frozen for later, some will live forever in any fridge (mayo, pickle relish), some might be nice enough that others would take it – but how hard ball do

Local minus 3

August 29. In three days i’ll start my 10-mile diet. 80% of my food from Tricia Beckner’s farm (or my backyard). 10% within 10 miles of my home, 10% exotics (from beyond my 10-mile circle of eating. I actually started to feel a little desperation. Will I have enough? Visions of steamed kale and zukes and boiled tiny potatos danced in my head. But in fact, the last few days I’ve gotten my 20% non-Tricia

10% Exotics

Tricia Beckner will soon bear the burden of feeding me for a month. Starting September 1 we’re doing our 10 Mile Diet which began as her search for a guinea pig who would agree to eat solely from her market garden/homestead for a month. She has veggies galore plus some eggs and is willing to butcher a couple of chickens. I’m game – so to speak since we are talking about ‘birds.’ But I negotiated