90% within 10 miles too daunting? Try 50% within 50 miles for 50 days

I searched the web to see if anyone else out there in Google land was as crazy as I am. The answer is yes. First, a tip of the spatula to Alisa Smith and James MacKinnon for their 100 mile diet experiment that launched a whole local eating movement. It’s a nigh on to impossible goal for most of us, and they set a high bar for courageous eaters to reach for, crawl under, jump

Sorting through the GMO issues

Join me as I dig for a place to stand about GMOs (genetically modified organisms) Let’s get underneath the “frankenfood” and “fish in your tomatoes” positioning of the fight against GMOs. GMOs aren’t the devil. Actually, compassionate people, trying to solve real problems for farmers and hungry people, went into their lab to see if they could create crops that survived pests and droughts, that produced more per acre (and unit of labor). And curious

Local food and farmworker justice

My new fav organization is http://foodtank.org. Danielle Nierenberg and Ellen Gustafson are just birthing it. Please become a founding member – I am. They are combining research and action. I trust their work, and knowing who to trust these days is important. Responding to an article about farmworker injustice I offered the following commentary. I’d love to hear what you think about the article and my comment! thank you for asking us to weigh in

I’m pleased to report that I am, once again, done

On Wednesday, just in time for Thanksgiving, I put the last correction requested by the publisher into the manuscript, added the last endnote, wrote the last informational box and – somewhat dazed – discovered myself at the end of the long list of editing tasks and… dare I say … done! I’ve felt done two other times this year. Once when I sent the finished first draft to Viking/Penguin June 1. Once when I sent

Celebrating Love on St. Valentine’s Day (hint: he was a bachelor)

Here’s some reflections from my  personal journey seeking – and finding – love. It is St. Valentine’s day. He was a saint – a confirmed bachelor in love with the divine – who illegally married Christian couples. Risky business in his time. Is it an accident that Governor Christine Gregoire of my State, Washington, just signed into law the right of same sex couples to marry? Defending the right to celebrate romantic love in the

Memories of another life

Today, looking at the tiny house on wheels a teenager on Whidbey is building got me thinking about the motorhome – the Ultimate Vehicle – I and my clan built in the early 70’s. A decade ago, sure I wasn’t going on the road again any time soon – I gave it to one of our dearest friends, Jason Weston. He sent these photos of it in the desert a few years ago – still

A 2012 Reflection

Dear Friends far and wide! As we round the bend into the touted yet mysterious 2012, I offer a small reflection and celebration. The celebration: Day One of 2012, 20 years after publication of Your Money or Your Life, it is featured as one of USA Weekend’s 5 Personal Finance Books for 2012 you can bank on. As the economy rocks, I’m glad so many people used – and will use – this program to

What is freedom, anyway? Still relevant 5 years since first post

I checked my old personal blog today and found this post from July 4, 2006. At the time I was working on a book about Freedom and Limits – working hard and in isolation and obviously wanting to leak some of it out! Still holds true. OWS is about limiting the 1%’s ability to play a winner takes all game. Not by wrenching money out of their pockets but by using democratic tools to change

Places to Intervene in a System, in case you don’t know

Donella Meadows was one of my great mentors. She, Dennis Meadows and Jorgen Randers were authors of the revolutionary 1974 Limits to Growth Report. These MIT early systems thinkers had the audacity to reveal the results of their computer modeling of resource flows – to wit, sometime early in the next millennium we’d hit multiple resource walls and systems could start crashing. They were lauded and vilified.  Now they are being proven right – unfortunately

How to Be versus What to Do

Right now we all want to know what to DO about our money lives – myself included. First we need to BE with our money lives, though, and let the doing come from clarity rather than fear. Every day I hear another story about someone whose house is “underwater” – not a tsunami of water but a tsunami of debt. Their houses are worth less than they paid for them so their mortgages are more

Coping versus Creating

Are you protecting what you have rather than reaching for something greater? Are projects that were once delightful and interesting now an effort? Are you wondering if it is just you? If you’ve lost your groove? Well, I’m here to say that it ain’t you, it’s the times we’re living through. Success strategies now are different from before and I’m turning my own ship into this new wind as fast as she will go. Your

So nice…

I just found this comment on Kathy Masarie’s website. I feel privileged to carry a teaching that can make this kind of difference: Back in the day, I found incredible solace, wisdom, and support in the book, Your Money or Your Life: 9 Steps to Transforming Your Relationship with Money and Achieving Financial Independence (revised in 2008). I was lucky enough to spend an entire week with one of the authors, Vicki Robin, a delightful,

Daily Life as an object of meditation… grrr

The Your Money or Your Life telecourse started last night (you can still sign up) and I had the brilliant idea that I would tackle one of my daily life unconscious resource flows… mess. Mess isn’t clutter. It’s more like “dirt” combined with what my old housemates called “Vicki trails” – papers and dishes and things at the top of the stairs (for weeks) waiting to go down. I can now testify to the power

Why Brazil, Round Two

I wonder if any of you feel as one respondent did to my e-invitation to join me on the Journey to the Heart of Brazil. She said, “And what is the footprint of flying folks to this event and how does the cost fit with YMOYL?  Seems you’ve come a long way Vicki…  All the best and I won’t be joining you on this one.” Here’s my answer – and it may help you decide

Our economy Our-selves

Two news stories this morning – unrelated? – mated in my mind and made this baby thought. Story one: because of the stalled economy and tight personal finances  people are grocery shopping at WalMart instead of Whole Foods. They just can’t afford organics. Story two: 70% of Americans are overweight or obese. Far fewer think they are. Okay. Is this 2+2=4 or what? We assume we have to keep up the volume of food so