It works in Macedonia, too

Ata Atanasov from Macedonia contacted me last year to arrange a translation into Macedonian of Your Money or Your Life. We settled on the simpler, quicker task of translating the excellent summary. I well recognized his passion to spread the powerful program in places where a dose of financial sanity could do a world of good. I authorized translations into Thai and Chinese and Portuguese and more for very little royalties so the teaching could

Joe-isms: the Great Depression

Joe Dominguez, the originator of the 9-step program and co-author of Your Money or Your Life, died 20 years ago in January 1997. This was also the year that our book was one of the top 10 business books according to Business Week. He used to quote an old Humphrey Bogart 1949 film called Knock on any Door where a character said, “Live fast, die young, have a good looking corpse.” He’d grown up in

Bekah and Cooper

Bekah Zachritz is one of many Millennials I’ve interviewed recently to understand what they’re up against and what they’re made of. Bekah’s life and mine docked two years ago in the parking lot at a new co-housing community in my town. I’d bought one of the units for my deeper old age. Till then I needed to rent it. Walking from signing on the dotted line to my car I met Bekah who, with her

How to survive Fascism

Few Americans have experienced a blatantly corrupt political reality with a possibility that our achievements in civility and human rights could fly away like cinders from a hot, destructive fire. I was so glad to discover these clarifying guidelines for moral and mortal courage from historian and Holocaust expert, Timothy Snyder. I am publishing them here as an archive of instructions for citizens under repressive regimes – lest any of us needs them: Do not

To buy or not to buy… the continuing saga of Standing Rock

Join me in unraveling my wild ride towards buying an old airport parking bus…almost. It started with Standing Rock – as many stories these days do. In August, the door of my heart flew open and the Standing Rock cause flew in. I went, delivered warm winter jackets, stayed to help sort them and support the medic team, and drove off with a seed of that remarkable community in my heart. As the weather chilled and

Your Enough Point

Guests last night couldn’t wait to tell me that their son, age 31, sent along profuse thanks for the idea of “the enough point” from Your Money or Your Life. It’s been a guiding light for him and he’s almost there. At one level, my passion for this money work is fishing people, one by one, out of the unconscious eddies of the consumer culture, liberating minds and lives from the spending and spending treadmill.

Hope: Tiffa and Peri

In 2000 Marianne Williamson asked many of us to Imagine our work “working out” by 2050 and write a chapter for the book Imagine. I’m posting my story here because I think we are IN the hard times predicted and it’s good to imagine what might be beyond this incomprehensible cultural cleansing we’re going through. Mind you, the story was written before smart phones, before everyone and her sister had a blog, before Facebook, before Amazon

Rain is Life!

Happily holding our banner in a downpour under the shelter of my Mary Poppins-with-bling umbrella, I begin my next career as an organizer of protests, pickets, demonstrations, and other such human installations for a cause. At 2 PM the sun was out. By 3 a chill wind blew up the hill from the ferry.  At 3:45 I took my plastic lawn chair, umbrella and sign over to the sidewalk in front of Wells Fargo Bank,

Wealth Building 4.0

First shot: a freeway cloverleaf at rush hour. Cut to foreshortened slo-mo shot of people in a generic city looking worried and harried bobbing down a sidewalk on the way to work. More shots of toddlers watching TV, teenagers taking Selfies, unemployment offices. This is the visual vocabulary of a degraded life in the consumer culture where there are no more brass rings of happiness on the not so merry money-go-round. In 10 seconds we

Giving to Standing Rock

In just two months the Standing Rock Sioux non violent resistance to the Dakota Access Pipeline boring under the Missouri River has grown from a few Water Protectors in prayer and ceremony to 4 camps where well over 200 tribal groups and 10,000 people have passed through – and many are staying for the winter to keep the water and land safe and the pipeline from being built. As you may know, it’s heating up.

Mni Wiconi. Water is Life.

Reflection on a mid-September 2016 visit to Standing Rock where the Lakota/Dakota/Nakota Sioux are in non violent resistance to the building of a crude oil pipeline under the Missouri River, their main water sources, and across land where their ancestors are buried) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ In September 2016 I drove from the Black Hills in South Dakota to the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation in Cannonball North Dakota with a large suitcase full of winter coats, blankets and