Heart & the new tele-course

Hype or heart? That is the question. As I promote my new Your Money or Your Life Tele-course , I invite you to give me your feedback. I’m reaching down inside myself with the command that’s always cut to the spiritual chase for me: “know what you are doing and why.” I’m working to link that inner knowing with this lifelong outer work of helping people transform their relationship with money, stuff, time and all

Oil Fat & Enough

Has it ever occurred to you, as it just did to me, that there is a similarity between oil for our cars and oil in our diets? We tend to over-consume both. Even if our butts get fatter or our wallets get thinner, we just can’t resist the power packed energy source called OIL. Both are such rich fuels, and both are so tempting that it’s hard to stop. We are hard wired to go

Such a thing as healthy money?

Good question. Even though I’m hosting the Healthy Money Summit (starts Monday. Sign up for free. Listen live or later via recording) I’m not sure what it will take to have a healthy economy, healthy financial system or healthy currency. In view of how destructive the economic system is to life and limb (tree and bush and animal), is it possible to have a life-giving life-serving system? Let’s break that down a bit – as

Sign up now: Healthy Money Summit 1/24-27

Hello all my blog readers – this needs immediate action! Many people on a conscious path find that money is one of their most challenging areas to deal with. That’s why I’m delighted to be a featured speaker for a free online event called the Healthy Money Summit. Join me the week of January 24-27th and learn from leading authors and leaders on how you can create a healthier, happier, more productive relationship with money

Healthy Money Summit coming soon

In just a day you will get a notice about the Healthy Money Summit, a FREE telesummit running from January 24-27, with recordings available to all who can’t attend live. How fitting to tell you on Martin Luther King day whose speaking out about economic injustice eventually cost him his life. The Healthy Money Summit will feature 25 leading voices from the US, UK and beyond who speak powerfully, clearly and passionately about the possibility

Saving for a rainy day – lessons from our ancestors

A friend loaned me her parent’s budget books, one from 1940, one from 1974. They are a generation apart and reflect both simpler times and the evolution of our relationship with money to the confusing or even desperate situation we are in today. Joe Dominguez was born two years before the first book, and raised with those values of thrift and savings. Most months this family saved 10%-20% of their income. “If you know how

Last call for Journey to the Heart of Brazil

Everyone says this Journey to the Heart of Brazil tucked right between Thanksgiving and Christmas is amazing – even Brazilians. You can come, but you need to decide now. You need 6-8 weeks to get your passports, tickets and visas. Given the economy, some people who wanted to come now can’t, so we still have openings! Normally I’m a pillar of prudence, but for this trip I recommend releasing some resource for truly a trip

Brazil Happiness and Change

Travel changes you, opens our souls as well as our minds. We change. The trip I am leading to Brazil at the end of November will do that, in part by you seeing how social change happens in that culture. I first went to Brazil in 2001 for the First World Social Forum. The theme was: Another World is Possible. The speakers and participants were dead serious about how we were killing all that is

Transforming your relationship with food

Hey, I thought this was a money blog. Transforming your relationship with money. Not food. I’m discovering with my September 10 mile diet that truly the same principles and practices for looking at money apply to food. By only eating what can produced within 10 miles of my home I am discovering a lot about my relationship with food. I am seeing my emotional relationship – the feelings and desires that drive me this way

Two wow’s from the NY Times

Wow one: The NY Times reported bankers using the D word. Depression. Wow two: The NY Times is now blogging about frugality. Wow one: On September 12 the NY Times used the “D” word. Depression. Not downturn. Not recession. Not banking crisis. Depression. They reported that: Top central bankers and bank regulators agreed Sunday in Basel, Switzerland, on far-reaching new rules for the global banking industry that are designed to avert future financial disasters…of the

What should I do with my money now?

I invited Mark Zaifman and Monique Tilford to join me for a teleclass by this name, knowing this question is on everyone’s minds. While Mark gave financial investment advice, I tended to give more lifestyle advice – examining assumptions about “just gotta have it”, meeting needs differently (like taking your kids to free events rather than expensive ones), re-skilling. If money is indeed “life energy”, then investing time in activities that will bring you a

The Whole Enchilada

Thank you to the nearly 600 (whew) who signed up for my free ones. There are two more and you can still come tonight or monday (see above).One person wrote: Thanks for articulating the issues, clarifying “whole systems thinking” and providing much needed encouragement. I’ve loved teaching them and being back in the saddle, which would be my roller ball chair, Mt Baker and Puget Sound out my window, phone beside me on speaker and

Hope Beneath our Feet; essays of hope in hard times

Today is the launch of  Hope Beneath our Feet, a compilation of essays gathered by Martin Keogh. Click that link and you can get it for a deep discount. I think you’ll want it, and not just because tucked among many luminaries is the essay Martin requested of me about two years ago. It’s called Letter from the Future. Here’s a link to one place it’s posted on the web. He asked us all to

EPA Webinar, “Saving Money, Saving the Earth”, now posted

The “Saving Money, Saving the Earth” webinar free audio/video is now posted on the EPA’s website. The direct link to the video is: http://www.epa.gov/region10/videos/enough-for-life-08192010.wmv. I’ve gotten video and audio to work on my PC but only audio on the Mac (i’m a newbie to Macs). I hope it works for you as it is one of my best renditions of the “Whole Enchilada” of my teaching. Which, by the way, is the new name for

Three sad money tales just yesterday

As I was planning my feast of free classes this coming week, all designed to give yo tools, perspectives and strategies for hope and resilience, I had occasion to talk with three friends and was deeply impacted by their stories. Each had a tale of serious financial woe. And until they revealed it, I would not have guessed. One friend got stuck in the real estate crash, had to do a short sale of a