One of the advantages of the current downturn in the economy is that it gives people a chance to get in touch with what kind of career would really make them happy.  If you can’t earn a high salary, then it makes sense to consider instead what would bring a sense of greatest life satisfaction (assuming you’re otherwise able to get your basic survival/basic comfort needs met).  Our friends at Yes! magazine are very much in touch with this shift in the national mood.  They just issued a poster which lists “10 Things Science Says Will Make You Happy.”  They include the following suggestions:  Savor everyday moments; Avoid comparisons; Put money low on the list; Have meaningful goals; Take initiative at work; Make friends/treasure family; Smile even when you don’t feel like it; Say thank you like you mean it; Get out and exercise; and Give it away, give it away now!  For a full description of these recommended ways to achieve greater happiness, visit  To download the suggestions in poster form, visit

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  • Dekoracje Okien Posted June 19, 2009 9:39 am

    Goal in life. This unfortunately is true – unless you’re trying to achieve something you’ll be miserable. That’s why you can’t just get rich and sit on your butt all day.

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