I’ve opened a “tele-class school” and you’re invited. It’s for people who want to ground the Your Money or Your Life approach in any part of their lives where it all get’s too much: over-busy, over-spending, over-eating, over-worrying, over-committed and over-whelmed. There are 2 free introductions or sign up now for the 4-week class.

Discover Your Enough Point, the 4-week teleclass, helps you shift from confusion to clarity wherever and whenever you are in over your head. It’s only $65 and equivalent to a full weekend workshop – minus the food, travel, lodging and carbon footprint expenses.

Someone in the current class says: I am getting a lot out of the class.  I very much appreciate this great opportunity to learn so much more about myself, my habits, my choices and my life.

In this class you learn tools to examine and adjust your behavior to better serve your purposes, pleasures and passions. You will live in that Goldilocks place of “not too much, not too little, but just right”.

Te register, click here

To get a free sample of the class, try this:

Introduction to “Discover your Enough Point”, a one-hour interactive taste of what the 4-week in depth class will be.

  • Attend free on October 22 from 5:15 – 6:15 PM PST by clicking here.
  • You’ll pick up a few ideas you can use – whether or not you do the 4-week class.
  • You can join the 4-week class whether or not you do this free Intro.

One participant said: “…personable, interactive, thought-provoking, short, sweet and concise–chock full of practical, useful information. Perfect foundational conversation. . .”

Or try out the 2010 retirement class for free:

“Rethinking Retirement” is an interactive conversation about our assumptions and strategies for work and career in the second half of life. Is 65 still the right time to retire – or can you do it at 45… or 85? What does retirement mean – from what and to what? What suns are rising in your “sunset years”? How can you rethink retirement and rework your strategies if the economic downturn has dashed your retirement timetable? Join in if you are pre or post retirement – or are in relationship with people who are rethinking their own retirement.

Know you want to do the Enough Point class? Register now

  • When: Every Tuesday evening from 5:15-6:15 PM PST from October 27 through November 17.
  • Where: On the phone using your own long distance carrier.
  • How much: $65. This class material – normally be taught in a weekend workshop – is free of travel and lodging expenses. It’s a no carbon footprint educational experience. And you can attend in your pajamas with bad hair, while still interacting with people around the country in a learning community.
  • How: We use the Maestroconference tool which lets you raise your hand, get into small group discussions, brainstorm, give feedback – anything you’d do in a live workshop but it’s via the phone. You don’t have to sit at a computer watching a slide presentation. You just dial in from wherever you are – at home, in a coffee shop, watching the sunset. We also use a Groupsite for discussions during the week.

Think about it. How do you know you have enough to say “I’ve had enough” – and move on? How can you know what to keep and what to drop so you experience the contentment of “enough”? Why are we all so trapped in “too-muchness”? What can we do about it? What stories are we telling ourselves that drive us into “too muchness” – with all its worry and frustration? Wake up to your own Good Life by questioning in a compassionate yet rigorous way what  assumptions about and habits of the normal Good Life are just not working for you. And change.

Please come. Classes are limited to 30-participants, and I hope you will be one of them.

All the best,


PS – While I know this class is great, you don’t – yet. So I’m offering a money back guarantee. Okay, the free ones are free anyway, but the “Discover Your Enough Point” class is $65 hard earned dollars and if after attending two classes you are sure it’s not for you, I’ll give you a refund.

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