If you aren’t on my personal list, perhaps you missed this:

Two powerful teleclasses begin in January 2010:

Discover Your Enough Point, my flagship course for shifting from overwhelm to contentment. Free introduction January 5. Four weekly class series begins either January 26.

Conscious Money Speakers Series: Weekly 1-hour teleclass workshops with a dozen top conscious money teachers including Alisa Gravitz, Bill McKibben,  Brent Kessel, David Korten, John deGraaf, John Robbins, Lynne Twist, Olivia Mellon, Spencer Sherman, Trent Hamm, Victoria Castle, Hazel Henderson… and me. Free introduction January 11, series begins January 18.

The classes are held weekly on the phone through the powerful MaestroConference tool that allows you to dialogue with the speaker and with one another, get your questions answered, express your opinions and feel like you are “in the room” with people from around the world. All from the comfort of your home. No driving. No hotels. No restaurants. Just pure learning.

Conscious Money Speakers Series

Do you want to know what money is and how you can have enough for life? Do you want to better understand the economy and how we can change it? Would you like to be in intimate conversation with some of the best thinkers and writers and speakers about how we can – individually and collectively – have an empowered, life-serving relationship with money?

In each week’s teleclass we’ll learn from one of the conscious money experts, but it’s not your classic lecture. You’ll hear their latest thinking then engage with them and one another in discussion and get your burning questions answered. The series will be as powerful as any conference you’ve ever attended – but for a fraction of the cost and disruption to your life. Each expert is offering his or her time so we can all engage in changing our money paradigm.

Here’s the line up:

Jan 11  Vicki Robin, Free Introduction to the Conscious Money Speakers Series

Jan 18  Spencer Sherman, Transform Your Financial Life in 2010

Jan 25  John deGraaf, Take Back Your Time

Feb 1    Bill McKibben, Building Community Economies

Feb 8    Trent Hamm, The Simple Dollar

Feb 15  Alisa Gravitz, From Greed to Green

Feb 22  David Korten, Agenda for a New Economy

Mar 1    Brent Kessel, Heal Your Money Karma

Mar 8    Olivia Mellan, Moving toward Money Harmony in Turbulent Times

Mar 15   Victoria Castle, Viral Abundance – Embodying a new Collective Story

Mar 22   Lynne Twist, The Soul of Money

Mar 29   Hazel Henderson, Promoting Climate Prosperity…the Green Economy

Apr 5     John Robbins, The New Good Life (May 2010), Healthy at 100

As you can see, the first class with me is free and each successive class is $12 – but you can pay just $79 for the series and attend all 12 lectures. You can attend the first class with no commitment to continue. You can attend just one class, but if even just 6 speakers interest you, signing up for the series gives you 5 more for free. (Several other speakers are not yet confirmed. Any new ones added during this Series – January11 through April 5 – will be included in this Series price.) You will have access to all the recordings, whether or not you can attend the class.

Registration is open for the first free class and for the series. Registration for individual classes begins January 2.

Click here to join Vicki Robin for free as she introduces the Conscious Money Speakers Series. Or sign up for the entire series by clicking here.

Discover Your Enough Point

Is this you?

  • Too much to do and too little time
  • Too many expenses and not enough savings for the future
  • Too many demands from others and not enough attention to yourself
  • Too many mails pouring in and no matter how many you answer it’s never enough
  • Too much food – or the wrong kind – to feel good in your body

How much is enough – of anything? How do you know? If you knew, what would your life be like?

Discover Your Enough Point is my core class for freeing youself from “too muchness” so you can return to the pleasure and purpose of “enough”. “Enough” is a dynamic, aware and empowered way of living. “Enough” is being resourceful as resource like time, money, stuff, busyness flow through your life. “Enough” is steering your life rather than being compelled by circumstances.

Using the Your Money or Your Life approach you will learn:

  • The insidious way “too muchness” robs you of satisfaction.
  • How to find your “internal yardstick for fulfillment”.
  • Tools to develop a personal values and mission statement.
  • A simple yet profound way to observe your patterns with a “no shame, no blame” attitude.
  • About the science of happiness and the 5 universal pathways. Mapping what you need to be happy.
  • 9 powerful practices to steer your life away from “too much” and towards enough.

You will get:

  • Clear about where all your time, money and resources are going.
  • Ways to steer yourself out of “too muchness” again and again.
  • More balance, mastery and intentionality in your life.

Cost: $79, which includes the classes and practices and online support.

Click here to “reserve your seat”

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