Trent Hamm is my special guest for a free 1-1/2 hour class Wednesday evening, March 3, starting at 5.00 PM PST. Click here to join the class – yes, really free!  Just so you know what an opportunity this is, I’m going to give you a link to his DAILY blog about intelligent money decisions. He reviews books on money, leadership, leading a good life. He is personal, talking about his own experiences. He is generous, giving away great material for free. And he says just what I would say if I blogged daily about money, frugality and simplicity. Try him, you’ll like him – in print and on the teleclass – here’s a link to his archives. Click anywhere and you’ll find something useful. And join the free class.

For what I’m doing with my time, you can listen a free classe here, and sign up for my next The Freedom of Enough Class here. It starts Wednesday, March 9 and runs for 5 weeks with teleclasses, a groupsite for sharing insights and 12 amazing practices that let you see the freedom of ‘enough.’

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