Here’s a link to the Global Sufficiency Network’s conference, THE POWER OF ENOUGH, I mentioned last week. What I didn’t say was that my co-author, Monique Tilford, will be speaking there. She’ll be bringing the YOUR MONEY OR YOUR LIFE approach to “enoughness” to this gathering so it’s a chance to hear her as well as other inspiring people who hold the possibility that there can be Enough for All.

Here’s Monique’s workshop, Living a Life you Love with the Money you Have:

Do you know how much money you need now and in the future to feel content and secure?  The answer is not as tough to determine as you might have thought. Your Money or Your Life is a New York Times bestselling book that has helped hundreds of thousands of people worldwide reevaluate their assumptions about money and time, work and service, having enough and wanting more.  After 30 years of teaching the program, we know that this book can help reduce a reader’s spending by an average or 25% or more within the first six months after starting the program.  Please join us if you are ready to spend less and enjoy life more, save more without budgeting or feeling deprived, and in general live a life you love on the money you have.

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