You’re invited to join me and a dozen other adventuresome people on a Journey to the Heart of Brazil from November 27-December 9. Click the link to see the beautiful brochure.Journey to the Heart of Brazil Brochure

You will visit several eco-villages, see social change projects in favelas (slums), meet social movement leaders, visit biodiversity reserves, dance at a Samba club in Rio, eat a traditional Brazilian barbecue, and meet dozens of wonderful Brazilians – teachers, fishermen, farmers, activists, and more.

If you are interested, email me right away at vickirobin.1   at   gmail   .   com. The trip will fill just through my networks – personal friends, those of you who follow this blog and then through a newsletter, facebook and such. I want to give you the first chance to say yes.

Why me? Why Brazil? Why you?

I’ve spent all told 5 months in Brazil over the course of 9 years, and each visit deepens my love of the country, broadens my networks and reveals a vibrancy of social change movement far more vibrant and joy-filled than in the US. It’s soaking into my bones and I want to show you the Brazil and Brazilians that have moved and inspired me. My Portuguese gets better each visit, and I’ve engaged a wonderful eco-spiritual tour group to make all the arrangements and serve as our language and culture guides. You’ll go to my Brazil and see inside what is really cooking there.

What is it about Brazil? Well, it’s the love. It’s in the air. People welcome one another with a “yes” that lights me up – and will you. And it’s the vitality and happiness. Emma Goldman said, “If I can’t dance, I don’t want to be part of your revolution.” That’s how the social movements feel. Debate. Dance. Create. Resist. Dance. Love. Change. Dance. It’s all one flow.

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