Travel changes you, opens our souls as well as our minds. We change. The trip I am leading to Brazil at the end of November will do that, in part by you seeing how social change happens in that culture.

I first went to Brazil in 2001 for the First World Social Forum. The theme was: Another World is Possible. The speakers and participants were dead serious about how we were killing all that is beautiful and alive in this world.

The vibe in the halls and the streets as we marched, 25,000 strong, to the final talk by (I believe) Arundhati Roy, was JOY. Laughing, dancing and hugging were not considered inappropriate, given the gravity of the circumstances. They were “the possible other world”.

I was stunned. And swept up. And I have never stopped loving that feeling I get when I step off the plane in Sao Paulo. Something soft and sensual while also everyone being “about their business.”

You can have that experience to, and it will light up your work for change – in yourself and in the world. That’s why the eco-tourist company Aoka and I are inviting you to come to the warmth of Brazil in the dark of the year, and the dark of these times.

Click this link to find out more. Watch what happens in your body when you read through the day by day description of what we will do. Don’t just consult that worry wart, your mind.

I hope you will come. If you want to, time is short. You need to commit by October 15.

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