Friday night my mouth was fullStitched Panorama of spoken words, aimed at introducing relational eating to interested eaters. I was at the Geodome at the Seattle Center and spoke after the audience of 25 had toured the Universe through the magic of the Geodome software beamed on the inflatable intimate “planetaium”. Everything was a wow. The show and my talk.

Writing a book is not the same as giving a pithy 1-hour talk you hope will move, amuse and motivate folks. I think I found my groove – or at least saw the on ramp in the distance.

Blessing the Hands that Feed Us is in the capable hands of the editors at Viking/Penguin, but in the year between now and publication I want to speak with groups and audiences in workshops and conferences and grocery store lines. I want to craft potent language that will…

  • get people laughing and crying and thinking and scheming
  • pull back the Wizard of Oz screen on our food system,
  • evoke the inner and outer power of relational eating (eating in the context of a living system),
  • reveal why local is important and how it can actually “scale sideways” so that we can again feed our people closer to home.

I hope to offer a talk in your sector of the heavens – to keep the Universe metaphor – and see your smiling faces somewhere in my travels. I hope by the end of this year of waiting I’ll actually have a pearl of a talk to offer you and your communities.

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