Nourishment versus calories

A friend, hearing the topic of my book, said she had a lot of stories to tell about her own bulimia, anorexia and body. I realized this is the obvious first thought when you say you’ve written a book about food. Here’s what I wrote back. What do you think? How would you say it?

My food work is NOT about the many aspects of personal food dysfunction. it starts there (as i am a child of my food culture) but is really about our relationship with nourishment – and the hands and lands that bring that to us. it is to fall in love with food as the source of our lives, and to pull back the curtain to reveal the systems – healthy and unhealthy – that produce that magic of stocked shelves and colorful farmer’s markets. to mend the disconnection with our communities via food. 

I have many thoughts about nourishment versus calories. More on that as time goes on.

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