Real Food Pledge – Spokane WA

I love this pledge. I’m going to start one where I live!

I PLEDGE to complete the following action items to gain better health and to support the real food movement in Spokane:
  1. I will ENGAGE with my food! I will learn where it came from, how it was grown and who the people are who brought it to my plate.
  2. I will EAT at least one seasonal, local fruit or vegetable each day, from my own yard, or from within [eastern Washington].
  3. I will ENJOY a family dinner. This is a great opportunity to try a new recipe, get the whole family involved in meal preparation and to savor the results together.
  4. I will CONNECT and get involved with real food organizations to keep up with real food issues and events in [Spokane].
IN PLEDGING MY SUPPORT FOR REAL FOOD, I will encourage the production and consumption of food that is healthy, affordable, fair and sustainable. I recognize that food choices and actions have the power to reform the food system, sustain local family farmers and food workers, support sustainable farming practices, reward good environmental stewardship, and increase access to fresh and healthy foods. I pledge to buy and request real food as much as possible.
With this pledge, I declare my commitment to the real food movement and join with other concerned eaters to provide lasting support for real food within our [eastern Washington foodshed].

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