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Your Money or Your Life

“This is a wonderful book.
It really can change your life.”


Blessing the Hands that Feed Us

“Vicki Robin has helped millions of
Americans reshape their lives in
sound and beautiful ways, but this
may be her most important project yet –
and a crucial one for our tired planet too!”

-Bill McKibben, author of Oil and Honey: The Education of an Unlikely Activist



Deep in my box of VHS videotapes were some excerpts from the 1992 and 1995 appearances on Oprah. You will notice I’m wearing the same purple dress. I was making a point. You don’t need a new outfit for every occasion. And I bought it second hand to boot. Oprah understood immediately the transformational power

Is FI more libertarian or more liberal?

In the heyday of Your Money or Your Life’s original best-seller status, Joe rarely made public appearances. He agreed to join me in 1993, though, for a talk to 200 people at the venerable Elliot Bay Bookstore in Pioneer Square in our home town, Seattle. He was wearing his one suit – the one he’d

Big Ideas about money – from Big Think

In New York City last month I visited the studio of Big Think, a production company dedicated to capturing important ideas from important thinkers. Something about the chemistry with the interviewer got me relaxed enough to not just repeat myself but to riff on some standard ideas I’ve shared for literally decades. Please click on

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