Moving Wisdom :: Moving Words

My work is to move people through my words. I seek to inspire, enliven, and encourage… to reframe, unpack, and reveal… to mobilize, and make waves… to fire up imaginations while restoring perspective to our agitated minds.

I do this every way I can. From books to blogging to letters to the editor, from articles to opeds, from speeches to seminars, from innovations to social media, I seek to:

  • build bridges even as social media blows them up,
  • build off-ramps from the dull repetitions of lifeless choices, and
  • offer simple tools that help people climb out of ruts, challenge assumptions and free themselves.

Every word I write is in service to the common good.

Does your language need a face-lift?

If your project for the common could use help with language for impact, clarity, and heartfelt appeal, perhaps I can help. Feel free to contact me through this website.