New Road Map Foundation

The New Road Map Foundation was created in 1984 by Vicki Robin, Monica Wood and Evy McDonald to distribute the proceeds from their and Joe Dominguez’s educational programs on money, health and relationships to non profits dedicated to a sustainable future. Income came from the Transforming Your Relationship with Money seminars by Joe Dominguez, the Audio Cassette Workbook course of the same name (now distributed by Sounds True), grants from Vicki Robin, David Heitmiller and Jacqueline Blix from their books based on the 9-step program, speaking fees and other NRM workshops. The Foundation was run entirely by volunteers. In 15 years of grantmaking, New Road Map Foundation distributed nearly a million dollars in 800 small grants. In 2006 the New Road Map Foundation came under new leadership and narrowed the focus of the work to “financial integrity” by distributing a teacher’s guide and a study guide for the 9-step program.

Our original mission statement
The New Road Map Foundation seeks to foster a cooperative human community in a diverse yet interconnected world by creating and disseminating practical tools and innovative approaches to personal and cultural change. We promote love and service as routes to personal and social well-being. The New Road Map Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit educational and charitable foundation.