Cholesterol – or is this too personal?

Tricia’s part of the bargain was to feed me. My part of the bargain, beyond not cheating, was to get my blood work done before and after the 10-mile diet experiment. So here’s the numbers.

  • total cholesterol down 3
  • hdl (good) up 7
  • ldl (bad) down 9
  • risk ratio from 4.2 (about average) to 3.7 (low range)

These are the kind of numbers in a month that the doc says “Whatever you are doing, keep doing it.”

I can’t tell you exactly what made the difference, especially since I ate “bad” fat (animal fat) in larger quantities than before. But no hard cheese. No beans. No grains. And I drank a bottle of Extra Virgin Olive Oil (okay, so it took a month) which they say is really good for you.

And that’s that.

You’ll hear from me less frequently now. It’s time to get a life. Or get to the rest of my life.

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