Accepting the Unacceptable

   Do you have a family member, or two, who don’t see eye to eye with you on politics? On masks? On Covid? On the dire necessity to reduce climate pollution? On the toll of slavery on the grandsons and daughters of slaves? On… just about any polarizing issue that comes down the pike?

   After hours of effort to find middle ground, one friend just gave up on a cousin she’s adored since he was a baby. Another friend chooses the bonds of family over her concerns about Covid or politics.

   I also feel powerlessness to protect what I love, to find common ground with people not interested in finding common ground with me, to carefully say what is true for me without triggering a nasty backlash. I’d gone from enthusiastic to curious to perplexed to pissed and got stuck there until the serenity prayer came into my mind. Accept the things I cannot change… 

   Beginning with that step towards acceptance, I have come back into the generous world of my podcast: What Could Possibly Go Right? In this episode, I “interview” myself. I start with that experience of turning away from anger and towards acceptance, and then single out some trends I see that portend well for the future.

What Could Possibly Go Right?: Episode 53


  1. Vicki, this episode is as humane, uplifting, astute and far-reaching a talk as anything I’ve read or heard of yours before. I’m immensely grateful for your ongoing work, and miss being in Langley all the more for it. Thanks….for all of us

    Guy Burneko

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