CoVida Conversations with Elders

In March/ April 2020, as the pandemic raged, I interviewed a dozen colleagues who’ve carried the torch of sustainability for decades – with great passion, vision and persistence. After years of achieving base camps but never summiting the mountain of resistance to a shift in paradigm from hyper-individualism and predatory capitalism to a more just, verdant and joyful world. Strangely, the pandemic seemed to be offering windows of opportunity. These short conversations captured the new spirit of possibility while it was fresh.

When my social media and video editing prince comes along, these will all be enriched with websites and wonderful biographies, but my purpose has been to flow this information broadly and quickly so our imaginations light up with possibilities and our resolve to claim a loving future is strengthened.

Please join me in this by sharing this post widely. I love each of these people. They are visionary, courageous, indefatigable and generous. They are all in it for the love, not money. Enjoy


















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