Lessons from What Could Possibly Go Right?

In the last eight months, I’ve hosted over 30 interviews with “cultural scouts” – people who scan for emerging trends and act for the common good. Historians. Philanthropists. Authors. Lawyers. Movement builders. Trainers. Politicians. Activists, Mostly center left. All self-reflective.

Again and again I asked my guests: with all that is going wrong, What could possibly go right?

Now I’m ready to share some of the lessons learned, some of the intelligence from our scouts that you can use to move more gracefully over the unstable ground of our changing realities.

I was surprised to discover that the themes are not about strategies or specific opportunities, but rather about what we can now see as our old certainties prove unequal to our new circumstance, They are less about solutions and more about scales, as in scales falling from our eyes as well as the scales of justice and the scale of what we face.

Please join me on December 10 for a 75 minute conversation about what you’ve seen going right in this year of unraveling, about what I’ve learned, and about where this conversation might lead.

Make a donation of any amount here and you can join the December 10 zoom call – or download the conversation later.  Each episode costs $500 to produce. Consider this as you consider how much to give. Our donors, of as little as $1 to as much as $1000 or more, are our inner scouting circle. You can help us see more clearly so we can act more courageously, just like we promise our guests will do for our audience.  If you are reading this after 12/10/2020, a donation of any amount puts you in our inner “scouting” circle for future special events and updates.

What a gift from the pandemic – that I would be at home with a zoom account and a big network of big thinkers and big question of how this breakdown might usher in a breakthrough. Add in a bit of chutzpah and What Could Possibly Go Right? was born.

I thought I was doing these interviews for some indeterminate “you” – but in fact these cultural scouts are my teachers, and I’m eager to share their lessons.

I’ve been reviewing the interviews for days now, as I distill the themes I want to share with you.

May you and all be well, safe and happy,


PS – You can glance through all the interviews here. Which one most impacted you and why – or, if you’ve not yet listened, which one most grabs you? Help us keep the lights on, in our interviews and in the project, by clicking here.




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