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My community here on Whidbey Island blew a big gust of wind in my sails on Thursday. 75 people filled Thomas Berry Hall at the Whidbey Institute to hear my stories about Joe and the seminar and the book and my decade of work trying to pry Americans fingers off the “joy stick” of consumerism. I stepped onto the stage and started to cry – oh well. The love in the room just bowled me over. Then we sang HAPPY DAYS ARE HERE AGAIN and SIDE BY SIDE and people shared what’s gotten better since the economy tanked. After the intermission my Improv Troupe did a skit about helpful hints for the people on your list who had everything… but don’t now. And I did some lecture about Real Hourly Wage and the Fulfillment Curve and Overshoot and the Liberating Power of Limits (having a great life in spite of it all). Wish y’all had been there. But we taped it and will post excerpts here for anyone interested.

Mark Zaifman, the advisor to the investment chapter, also had a launch party in Santa Rosa and coauthor Monique Tilford did a radio interview the same night.

We’ve got lift off. And I think we just caught the rising tide.

I’m interested in any stories you have about what’s gotten better for you since the economy entered meltdown mode in August.

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  1. People have “re-discovered” libraries. Our circulaton has gone up every month in the past year. Free books, magazines, DVD’s, and more.

    In fact, we’re doing a series called “Fiscal Fitness” this winter, and I’d love to talk to Vicki about presenting a “Meet the Author” program at one of our Regional Libraries in King County.

    Thank you!

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