An Ode to Love in the time of Covid

   Covid has blown holes in walls of denial and selfishness everywhere. Poetry and prose and possibilities are pouring out from millions of people around the world.
We are one, we sing.
Our choices matter to how this turns out, we say.
How can I help, we offer.
What do you need?
How are your loved ones?
We count our blessings.
We pray for everyone, not just family and tribe.
Be well, be well, be well our morning chorus.
Social distancing has brought out hearts out of hiding, sending warm greetings across the 6 feet of protection because our routines of hugs and kisses are blocked.
My heart is singing. Is yours?
And my thoughts are widening, widening, to find the whispers from the future, from the animals, from the policy makers, from the virus.
Sing to me of your meanings.
Sing to me of your needs, unborn.
I am insane with a dormant hope that we might – could it be? – respond to climate chaos the way we’ve responded to Covid.
Look, our carbon emissions are down.
Look, we aren’t driving or flying and so what?
Look, life can go on and on with different choices.
Look, it’s not so hard. It’s even fun.
Look, we can save for a rainy day and still enjoy the sunny ones.
Look, we can grow gardens to feed one another when brittle supply chains break. Forget the lawn.
This is the possible world, blossoming before us, now to save lives, in the future to save life on earth.
I relinquished hope last year. It’s coming down. We can’t stop it. We know what to do and we won’t do it. Look at the evidence. Grieve and let go.
Am I insane to hope we might learn? Might change policies and even the worn-out certitudes of our worn-out society? Save what we can? Restore what we axed in service to speed? Love without knowing what comes next?
What next?
What next?
What next is possible without calling on angels or miracles?
What is possible with this ordinary miracle of latent caring erupting into the public square singing arias?
How much of this care can we carry into the future?
We’re all in this together.
To Life!


  1. What a great time for everyone to spring clean their lives!

    Turn out all your unwanted items
    Get everything ready to go to charity when you can do so safely

    Do a spreadsheet and work out your net worth and consider what you could do to reduce your outgoings

    Consider learning new tasks or studying for the job you’ve always wanted

    This is a break from the norm

    Embrace this time out

    Perhaps it is Mother Earths way of making us all stop and think 🤔
    Why are we doing what we are doing?
    What changes could we make?

    Rest and refresh.

    Alison Deacon
  2. Pingback: For Vicki blog subscribers: here’s correct link for “Ode to Covid…”

  3. Covida, to Life, indeed Vicki,

    The optimism is vibrant, the parallels of our immediate peril to our greater one. If only we were better at responding to data…

    I’m grateful for this piece, and as always, for you…

    Jason Weston
  4. Greetings Vicki .

    A lovely and inspiring piece .

    Tis humbling and amazing how the natural biology of our Mother Nature , can still
    bring all of us living things , to attention . ( or to our knees )

    This virus event could grow to become the turning point , to where all of us human
    species , look to the benefits of co-operation , in developing our now globalising society .

    Really , this is a natural progression , if one looks to our history . Look to modern
    knowledge and understanding , of the history of Human civilisation , and our growing
    understanding of the many billions of years since the Primordial Soup or Big Bang .

    Unity , as a species , the whole Human race , has always been available to us .
    My thoughts are , that the ” Business as Usual Status Quo ” mindset , is from
    leaders , who see an identity , as a part of a group community or country , as the
    most essential part , of their Human nature . That this sense of identity , and from
    that , a feeling of superiority and separation , is something that they will not change .

    Thus , our leaders do not respond to our pollution problems , extinction rates ,
    escalation of military conflicts , or other developing global dangers .

    The surprise development of Covid 19 may give time for a reassessment and
    revaluing of co-operation with our neighbours , such that our leaders look to a
    modern identity , as that of a species , intent on passing onwards a good or better
    future to our offspring , the kids .

    Your poetry and wisdoms will be great help , in these very changing times .
    Thank you . Most sincerely Ron

    Ron Dean

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