Breaking down walls

   After years of penny-pinching with every brain child I’ve birthed, I’ve warmed to a more relational way to invite support: Patreon. It’s a tool many creative, innovative, artsy, edgy people now use to put out a tip jar for fans to support their work. You pledge a small monthly amount and get to hang out in the creator’s living room.

What Could Possibly Go Right?, interviews with cultural scouts, has chosen Patreon as a door to the backstage where listeners who want to dive deeper with me, with my guests and with one another can hang out to ask big questions and stay connected with what’s emerging.

Among candidates for inscriptions on my tombstone is this:

It’s a relational world.

We treat this earth and our lives in it like a King’s Table of choices at an all-you-can-eat smorgasbord in a Las Vegas hotel. Or like a talent show where we tap onto stage, blinded by the footlights, performing but never connecting with whoever is out there.

This is not my experience. I feel the web of relatedness always. In my work, I’ve always tried to reach into the hearts and minds of my readers and listeners, to feel connected.

While quietly doing my work in a village in the Pacific Northwest, Patreon gives me a chance to break down the wall between us, to be in a community on equally curious and fascinated souls asking my same question:

In the midst of all that is going wrong, what could possibly go right?

I started the show a year ago, when the pandemic hit. Ever since, I’ve turned weekly to wise, kind and smart people (I call them “cultural scouts”) for answers, and publish short, deep-dive podcasts to help us all see more clearly, act more courageously and serve the common good.

I’ve never surveyed readers of this blog. I don’t know where or how or why you found me.

Maybe you know me through Your Money or Your Life and/or are part of the F.I.R.E. community. Maybe we met through the Conversation Cafes and you love inquiry and learning. Local food and food systems was my beat for 5 years – perhaps you read Blessing the Hands that Feed Us or joined a 10-Day Local Food Challenge. Was it Transition Towns? Deep Adaptation? Awakening the Dreamer?

Will you support me and this new project through joining our Patreon community?

Your support can keep the public show free and enable wide ranging backstage conversations, reflections, interviews, Zoomborees in the Patreon community.

Even better... we have a matching grant for new Patreon members. Join before Earth Day, April 22 and your pledge is doubled up to $10,000.

Please join now, help us reach our $ goal and our big vision of inspiring our fellow humans to be smarter, wiser and kinder in perilous time.

Along with a chorus of voices around the world, I say we are shifting from YOYO (you’re on your own) to WAITT (we’re all in this together.) world. The growing solidarity among movements, the delicious flattening of status hierarchies on Zoom, the sense of shared purpose in shared peril is invigorating, and I hope connecting with you via the Patreon private backstage community strengthens this sense for all of us.


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