Relational Eating

If you haven’t gotten to watch my TEDxSeattle talk, now’s the time. It’s a 14-minute encapsulation of the core messages of my new book, Blessing the Hands that Feed Us (Viking 2014)


  1. Wonderful talk today on the “healthy money summit” podcast. Super great ideas on creating a sustainable world. I work with free energy technologies, but the first step has to be creating a basis for creating a new civilization. I am not supporting the evil empire we live in. Creating our own governance, people’s economic system, and a better reason for living than having more credit cards and debts, creating the commonweal around us. Changing the world one relationship, one new friend, at a time. Working with others to envision a new world. Love your work and your ideas.

    duane barker
  2. Hi! I just picked up your book from the library, and am LOVING IT! I’m only on chapter 4 … I totally want to put the cart before the horse & jump in with both feet & get Potlucks with a Purpose started in our community. Alas, I am fairly certain there are some logistics & planning steps that happen before “success.” =) Where to begin?

    Erica Engel

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