The Paperback of Blessing the Hands has arrived

I’m happy to present to you this lighter, easier on the pocketbook version with a subtitle I like a lot more: Lessons from a 10-Mile Diet.

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  1. Vicki

    Just finished reading your book “Blessing the Hands that Feed Us”. I enjoyed the read and found much of what you said to be very thought provoking. My wife and I will move to Langley next January for retirement and we already recognize many of the references you made in the book. It made the book all the more fascinating.

    Perhaps we can have a longer conversation while waiting a the Star Store some day about the issue of allowing the public sale of raw milk. There is, however, one thing in your book that I would like to correct on that topic. Q fever can be and is transmitted in milk, making it one of a long list of diseases that are a risk for drinkers of raw milk (page 132 in the paperback edition). For one example case, see:

    Since we both know Terra and Tom, perhaps our paths will cross some day.

    John Fetrow VMD
    Professor of Dairy Medicine
    University of Minnesota

    John Fetrow VMD

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