The Whole Enchilada

Thank you to the nearly 600 (whew) who signed up for my free ones. There are two more and you can still come tonight or monday (see above).One person wrote: Thanks for articulating the issues, clarifying “whole systems thinking” and providing much needed encouragement.

I’ve loved teaching them and being back in the saddle, which would be my roller ball chair, Mt Baker and Puget Sound out my window, phone beside me on speaker and screen in front of me watching you pour into the room.

For everyone reading this blog and not at the classes, I want to tell you the new format for my course. I’ve rolled the two classes I anticipated teaching into one that I call The Whole Enchilada: Money, Happiness and Enough.

Why only one?

First, people wanting to get a handle on money via the Your Money or Your Life program can do just that with the Whole Enchilada.

The course uses those classic YMOYL tools of tracking and evaluating the flow of money in your life – but expands the focus for those with time issues (overbusy, overcommitted, over-internetted) and with food issues (too much, too little, wrong timing, toxic – but delicious – foods) and even with “identity issues” (stuck in job or family or body identities that are just too small or no longer fit). The tools work no matter what “energy flow” you want to transform so that it is that Goldilocks “just enough” – and brings you happiness.

Second there was just too much for 4 classes. So I’ve added two (same cost) and will include guest speakers like John Robbins to help us expand the context beyond just personal change. They’ll show us how “enoughness” is global. Is about justice and peace and environmental health. The shift from “more” to “enough” as our collective aspiration is simply what we gotta do. Our generation’s task: to learn to live well together within the means of the earth. Barring that, well no little personal “FI” (financial integrity, intelligence, independence) is going to see us through.

Need I say I hope you’ll come? Here’s the link again. It’s $95 for 6 classes, 75 minutes each, a groupsite where we’ll have discussions and receive notices and form an inspired community. It begins September 27 and runs to November 1.

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