Video: Vicki Robin on the new Your Money or Your Life

By: Vicki Robin


In this video, I give an overview of the Your Money or Your Life program, the new book edition, and this website.

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  1. Hi Vicki!

    I’ve been applying Your Money or Your Life since 2001 — it has really benefited my savings, brought more thoughtful consumption, and increased my sense of fulfillment.

    I’m so glad to see this new edition and look forward to using it in my coaching practice. I’ll spread the word about this website too.

    Thanks for yours and Joe’s great contributions!

  2. Thanks so much for writing in, George! We’re delighted to hear how the book has helped you and that you’re planning on using the new edition in your coaching practice. Colleagues of ours have done a great job of creating a number of teaching materials that may be useful to you as you’re teaching YMoYL principles. Visit if you want to learn more.

    Monique Tilford
  3. I really appreciate this summary of Your Money and Your Life. I will recommend the book to my friends at Oxyfresh who have a philosophy similar to yours. Oxyfresh has served me well over the 12 years I’ve been with the organization as it has given me a way to leverage my hours, contribute to my community, and the planet as well. I’m sorry I missed your presentation at Whidbey Institute. It was the night for our first Barters and Exchanges Gathering for the LEAG. Looking forward to more conversations with you.

    1. Hi Brett —

      The old edition of the book cites many statistics and stories from the 1980s which all needed to be updated. In addition, Chapter 9 needed to be substantially rewritten so that we could recommend other investment options besides treasury bonds. Finally, we wanted to make all sorts of other small changes to the book, such as how consciousness doesn’t always grow faster than inflation, the importance of being a conscious consumer (which means not just relying on price if you’re committed to having your money reflect your values), and the role that the Internet plays in making it easier (and sometimes harder) to save money. But the overall message of the book is timeless so we still encourage people to buy the old edition of the book if the above changes are irrelevant to you.

      Monique Tilford
  4. Thank you SO much for sharing this book with the world. It transformed my and my husband’s conversations about money so profoundly, that I have been giving this book to newlyweds as their wedding present! Now, my business team will be going through it to positively affect our relationship to money as we remind ourselves that we can’t serve as Benefit Counselors for working Americans unless we’re clear first. Thanks again!

    Stacia Robinson
  5. Hello Everyone
    I would really just like to underline how important this book is. I have been a financial planner (salesperson) for the past eleven years and have turned my back on it to take up a new career as a teacher which is more in alignment with my life compass. I did this before I read your book but have in some small way felt vindicated in the face of ‘raised eyebrows’ as to why I would do this. I have read countless books on financial topics and can honestly say that your book has resonated strongly with me at the deepest level. Only one other book has came close to this.
    One of the most important lessons in your book is understanding our relationships with money; how vital it is to climb above the complexity of everyday life and take a simple view of what’s what and where we fit in to it all. Are we happy, contented or angry, demented?
    This book is more about living than money. Top marks.

  6. Greetings!

    After 15 years of FI awareness and growth, it is amazing to see how these life-affirming ideas cycle around again in the larger society. Yay! Monique, the last time I saw you was a photo of you and husband and new baby on the back cover of a publication from New American Dream! It is wonderful to see your positive ideas contribute to Joe & Vicki’s great classic work. I still have my copy of YMOYL, all scribbled and marked, with glued-in photos of us at Kathy Fay’s house in Denver in 1998. I wish all of you the best with work and tell you that I love living the dream that this work brought to me and to Paul. Blessings!

    Terry Moseley
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  9. Thank you! Many years ago I read your book. To say the least, your ideas planted seeds as well as affirming and cultivating economic ideas that had been planted long ago. I’m pleased to see that you are aligned with Lynn Twist and other forward thinkers. Let’s create a garden of this world where we all contribute, grow, and flourish.

  10. I am so glad that the Democrats are no longer referring to money as a subsequent of working like a dog, but rather saving, not fearing, and understand that money is positive life energy.

    Is this creating happiness and contributing to my dreams. Now if only I can save enough money to pay off my school loans . . .
    Looking forward to getting my hands on the book. . .

    Peace out, Minerva & Todd.

  11. Vicki, I did the extraordinary FI program in my early thirties and now in my mid-fifties I have been semi-retired for ten years. I feel like my investments now need to shift around given the fragile economy. I would like to know your recommendations in today’s market. I look forward to hearing from you! Lyndie

    Lyndie K.
  12. Vicki, I read Your Money or Your Life in 1997. My husband and I have been retired a few years now, since our mid-fifties. We moved to Mexico and had a great one and a half year adventure doing fun things and we got deeply involved with helping out at an orphanage and fund raising for them. My husband and I agree that our time with the orphanage was the most rewarding thing that we have ever done.
    Though many things happened in our lives that led us away from being workaholics to leading a life of financial independence your book came to me at the right time and changed our lives. Thank you.
    Sincerely, Barbara

  13. Hi Vicky, I was on the calls today re:1/24/11 Money Webinar and wanted to personally thank you for your devotion, time and energy putting this together – It’s awesome!! I’m up for this amazing inquiry, and already feel confronted. I’m used to so many things as normal like going out to dinner, buying books, etc. and I’m stepping into the space of giving up that which really doesn’t match my commitments to myself, my life and the World! Thank you so much. Warmly, Mary

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  15. I am 22yrs old, just read the available pages available through amazon and just wanted to let you know, thank you. Everything I read is what I have always believed in, but people, friends, parents have always told me other wise. I will read your book as soon as it comes in the mail!

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