Relational Eating

If you haven’t gotten to watch my TEDxSeattle talk, now’s the time. It’s a 14-minute encapsulation of the core messages of my new book, Blessing the Hands that Feed Us (Viking 2014)

3 thoughts on “Relational Eating

  1. Wonderful talk today on the “healthy money summit” podcast. Super great ideas on creating a sustainable world. I work with free energy technologies, but the first step has to be creating a basis for creating a new civilization. I am not supporting the evil empire we live in. Creating our own governance, people’s economic system, and a better reason for living than having more credit cards and debts, creating the commonweal around us. Changing the world one relationship, one new friend, at a time. Working with others to envision a new world. Love your work and your ideas.

  2. Hi! I just picked up your book from the library, and am LOVING IT! I’m only on chapter 4 … I totally want to put the cart before the horse & jump in with both feet & get Potlucks with a Purpose started in our community. Alas, I am fairly certain there are some logistics & planning steps that happen before “success.” =) Where to begin?

  3. You are such an inspiration. I just wish instead of just reading your book – I acted on it. Now I’m acting on it. To keep me honest, I created a blog to not give up. Thank you again for your work.

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