Is my fridge local?

What to do with what I have in my fridge. I’m not buying new food and eating through what is there, but do I toss, give away or just eat the few things remaining: celery, red pepper, 2 oranges, an avocado, milk, etc. Some can be frozen for later, some will live forever in any fridge (mayo, pickle relish), some might be nice enough that others would take it – but how hard ball do I get if Wednesday morning I wake up with a peach left?

This is the enoughness thing again. What is the difference between prudence (it’s food, i’ll eat it), wiggle room (well, i know I said, but…) and integrity (i’m going to do the game as defined and experience ALL the challenges).

Tell you Wednesday what I conclude. For now, celery anyone?


  1. I’d eat the celery, since it’s grown locally (at least, I grow lots of it!) Seems to me the point is to only eat what is grown locally, not just what Tricia happens to bring you. If peaches aren’t/can’t be grown locally, then why not freeze them? You can always go to Maggie’s Pick&Pay if you want more variety. Good luck! :0)

    Julie G.
  2. so here’s what happened to the celery. along with half a bag of carrots it turned into juice thanks to my omega juicer. Half of that I drank, spiked with enough stevia to make it drinkable. The rest I gave to a friend along with my half box of tomato soup, half jar of hot sauce and (sniff sniff) a quart of coconut milks. So it’s all getting eaten. Just not by me. And where is Maggie’s Pick and Pay?

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