10-day Real Food Pledge

Promise. Last post of the day. After finding the Spokane Real Food Pledge I stumbled on this one. A simple idea – sort of like the 10-mile diet – with profound impact. http://www.100daysofrealfood.com/take-the-10-day-pledge/. Here’s an excerpt:

We would like to ask you to join our mission by taking the 10 Days of Real Food pledge. Over 13,000 people all the way from Austin to Australia have signed up so far! Check out the blog post with their feedback to see how much the 10-day pledge has impacted their lives. As you’ve probably noticed, this website is about our family taking the 100 Days of Real Food pledge. If all four of us did it for 100 days, I am convinced that absolutely anyone can do it for only 10 days. And what harm is there in trying?

On the other hand, if you feel the need to ease into things then check out our weekly “real food” mini-pledge series or our list of suggested pledge alternatives on the rules page. These may help you get ready for the 10-day pledge or simply help you make some general changes for the better.  However, if you want a true wake up call to just how pervasive processed foods are in everyday life, we believe there is no substitute for the 10-day pledge!  We promise that your new-found perspective will be worth the effort.


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